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I haven’t seen the video of the recent scandal involving two university students here in Cebu, nor have I any thoughts of going out of my way to view such item.While I’m sure going to hate anyone who’d try to post such videos or photos on my Wall, I’d be a hypocrite if I said that I would slap the face of anyone who’s standing right in front of, or sitting next to, me and showing his phone.

Out of curiosity, I’d probably have a glimpse. But I could never forgive anyone who’s in the business of ruining other people’s lives via, for instance, social networking sites which, in the first place, were created to enrich our lives and support the way we live.

Those who judge the girl for savoring the moment in that scene, may they go to heaven soon. Their virginity and their immaculate thoughts are too enviable, and I wish I could rub elbows with them so that I, too, will become as pure, clean, and righteous as they are.

Don’t we, adults, each have a physiological need? Homoerotic or just plain erotic, it’s all the same. Be it with a partner, or by our lonesome, or physically, or mechanically, or mentally, or emotionally . . . we like it, don’t we?

From what I’ve read today, the girl says she doesn’t think that her boyfriend is the culprit, for she knows him as someone who couldn’t have possibly outed the video. Whatever.

After all the scandals seen and shared, regretted about and apologized for, and repented, I can hardly understand why there are still some people creating and recording their own, and why we could be so trusting in each other. I guess, it’s time we trusted no one, especially if lights were on.