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What better things you could give your fifty-plus-year-old loved ones than a cream, ointment, or gel that relieves muscle pain? So, to my aunt Wilma Miyagi, a million thanks for sending those to Mommy Benny, 62; Yaya Carmen, 58; and Nanay Sising, 60. They don’t have login to Facebook, so they asked me to let you know how grateful they are for the warm thoughts delivered all the way from Japan.

I, for one, am a big fan of any oil that relieves muscle pain, since I’m always not without a big bag that contains all of my daily essentials, plus the big plastic bags containing grocery items, which I carry with me when I go the bus station every weekend on foot. Because I have a very incredible sense of security, I don’t mind holding onto them for hours; and also because I live in the city frugally, I’d rather go for a walk to the next four to five blocks and take a jeepney every day to work than get a taxi (I find the ride impractical and the fare heartbreaking). Then there’s long sitting at work. And on rest days in Malabuyoc, there’s so much weight to lift, together with all the household chores which I can’t afford not to touch.

Hence, my shoulder, my back, and my legs are accounted for. Thank goodness, I have an aunt here who’s ever ready to give me a good massage whenever I knock on her door, using a very effective gel courtesy of my Canada-based relative Regina Dalmacion McLean. Your package came in perfect timing, because we’re almost running out of the gel from Canada, considering that we’ve been sharing it for nearly half a year already. So thank you so much.

I don’t mean to underestimate Mommy, Yaya, and Nanay by saying they’re getting oldish, but it’s a fact that, at their age, they’re prone to spasm, sprain, and the like. These Icy Hot gel, balm, and cream really mean the world to them—which is why they are extremely happy with the idea you came up with when you thought of something for them. Thank you.