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Funny that when I arrived home in Malabuyoc last weekend, Sebastian stretched over for a box that popped out of my bag, screaming that he couldn’t wait to get his share of chocolates. Of course, I wouldn’t allow him yet, because it was five o’clock in the afternoon, and it’s his dinnertime. I told him: “Basti, that’s not a box of chocolates. Do you see that logo? That’s a panty, not a chocolate. So, definitely, inside the box are mommy’s panties, right?”

The following morning, when it’s time to open the box, he made me eat my words: “Papa Ariel, those were not panties. These are chocolates. See?!” And then he grabbed lots of it, sharing some to us in the house, and then giving out to our neighbors who stopped by to witness our photoshoot.

You see, babies are indeed smart, for the two-year-and-four-month-old Sebastian was right in the first place. Those were not pieces of lingerie to be worn, but chocolates to be devoured—which prompted the old folks at home to bring him to the hospital for consultation the next day, due to his complaint that his skin felt itchy. The doctor said that he must have overeaten and thus developed chocolate allergies. Now, I think that’s funnier.

Thank you again—Aunt Wilma Miyagi of Japan—for the box of chocolates which made our day when it was opened and shared with everyone. Don’t worry about Sebastian’s allergies: he just loved your gift too much . . . that he ate most of it and then got allergic to one or two of its ingredients—the nuts, perhaps.