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It seems my well of thanks will never run dry for the altruistic kindness of so many people without whose love I would not have the confidence to express my creative ideas as a makeup artist. How sweet of my aunt Wilma Miyagi to include these precious presents when she sent her loving thoughts from Japan!

It was just through one of the photos I posted here on Facebook that she knew of my gusto in makeup art. She complimented my work on being neat and clean, and then she promised to send me something soon. So here it is! Thank you, Tita Wilma!

I was honored to be invited—along with my colleague Jay Zafra—to present a demonstration on office makeup during our company’s personality enhancement program, at which I showed my workmates how to look their best on the floor. The thought of doing the application—in front of the site’s international bigwigs who were all eyes upon my shading, blending, and contouring—made me feel tense. But the mere presence of Tita Wilma’s lovely pouch with a bottle of liquid foundation, tubes of lipstick and mascara, a palette of eye shadow, and a blusher in the whole kit and caboodle hyped up my confidence.

Much as I wanted to, I couldn’t allow myself to use any of it there yet, for I’ve always believed that if anyone gave you a new cosmetic, the best skin to benefit first should be your own, because, in the first place, it’s you—not your customers or your clients or your models—whom the giver was thinking of when he or she decided to give someone something. Right?

And considering that the next germane event is a far cry from now, I can no longer wait to pay tribute to my aunt by wearing these products myself. It’s been a long time since I last used liquid foundation, and I’m seriously raring to apply this on my face. I miss its deliciously smooth finish.