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Inadvertently, Jan Salise turns everyone’s heads whenever she glides into the office. A breath of fresh air, she’s adored for her unaffected simplicity, contagious amiability, and refined personality.

For her eyes I used seven different colors—from the upper eyelid to the brow bone—and blended them very well so as to come up with only two shades, as you can see. When asked what look I was trying to create, I explained:

“Girl, everyone loves you for your conservative, Filipina demeanor as well as for your good manners and virginal conduct. And, as a neophyte makeup artist who’s trying to find my place in the sun, I’ve always been one to play safe with my style. So, let’s liberate the wild yet sophisticated side of us, by creating the look of such inviting yet intimidating eyes.”

On our way in to, and out of, the studio at Ayala Center Cebu, Jan never stopped turning heads left and right. A common friend named Mario Lugma—who spotted her from one floor up as we’re taking the escalator—said later that he thought it’s Ruffa Gutierrez heading for lunch at Orange Brutus. Then we walked by a group of youngsters arguing with each other and yet agreeing: “She looks like Kim Kardashian.”