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I believe that everyone was born with a talent, and I’m grateful to God for mine which I was able to use to contribute to my community despite the pressure that came along on the task.

Through my blogs, photos and makeup, the eight candidates to the recently concluded Miss Teen Gawahon beauty pageant were thrilled upon seeing their portraits which I mounted on every major landmark in Malabuyoc. The posters lured throngs of people from the town’s different barangays into the pageant night on April 27; the spectators were ecstatic as they cheered their favorite candidates on. They were all happy!

To be honest, it was mentally and physically strenuous doing the hair and makeup on six of the 8 candidates, but seeing alive in them the secrets to coming across onstage like Miss Venezuela, which I’d shared during hectic nights of catwalk workshops, I felt beyond proud.

And it was not just the pageant night’s hair and makeup, which I started as early as one o’clock in the afternoon, that stressed me to the bones! There was the pre-pageant photoshoot for all the candidates, and then the post-pageant pictorial for the top three winners. Plus, I was the photographer!

My humble insight on pageant program and the judging criteria was deemed both useful and helpful.

We’ve seen pageants, big and small, wherein some of the candidates were poorly trained by their mentors and styled the old-school way. That I wanted to avoid by making sure my mentees were properly prepped up to shine during the coronation night.

The three winners were my girls: Miss Teen Gawahon 2013-Universe Khriesha Allosada Mendoza, Miss Teen Gawahon 2013-World Roca Lanojan Subrevilla, and Miss Teen Gawahon 2013-International Jersey Anne Allera Salazar. I love these girls for being obedient, humble, and trusting. There were times I tried keeping my calm, yet I couldn’t help raising my voice and even yelling at them when I felt pressed for time. At any rate, they’re thankful to me for the good and new things that they’ve seen, learned, and experienced. And I’m grateful to my fellow Gawahonians for allowing me to utilize my God-given talents which I intend to use to bring out the best in us—for I believe that there is power in beauty.

Hair/Makeup/Styling/Photography/Tutelage by Ariel Allera