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“Vote for the one with integrity, because without integrity, it is impossible to be a good leader. I can’t wait to be eighteen so I can start exercising my right to vote. But it would be great if even young boys and girls like myself could already accompany their moms and dads to the precinct and cast their votes.”

ROCA LANOJAN SUBREVILLA, left, Miss Teen Gawahon 2013-World
“As a young girl, all I can say is that they must make the right choice for a good leader so that they won’t have any regrets in the future. I understand that the legal age to vote is eighteen, but I think, yes, we should be heard even at a young age, because we, too, have a right to vote for whoever we believe deserves to lead our community or preside our country.”

JERSEY ANNE ALLERA SALAZAR, right, Miss Teen Gawahon 2013-International
“While we see “Vote wisely!” slogans everywhere, I’d like to tell them to vote from the heart, because it is only through our hearts that we could get a perfect answer as for who should be our next leader. I object that we’re too young to vote . . . so, yes, youngsters our age should already be counted in. Our untainted thoughts and unstartled emotions would have a positively huge impact on the people’s collective choice—for a perfect leader.”

Hair/Makeup/Styling/Photography/Tutelage by Ariel Allera