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Our four-day sojourn in Aklan was too impeccable that I feel like groping in the dark right now for my thesauri to find the exact words to describe how good our hosts were and how thankful we will always be to them. Ramil (my cousin-cum-brother), his wife (Myrnamee), and I took our days off to visit our kins in Ochando, New Washington, Aklan last May 24–27, 2013. We were all awed by the warm reception, wonderful accommodation, and unforgettable treatment by everyone we encountered and we’re introduced to.

The food and drinks served at every meal were unbelievably sumptuous and delicious that we didn’t want to end our breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, and supper right away, although our stomachs were about to bloat already. We were stuffed all the time . . . as well as with stories to catch up, especially for us whom they’ve been longing to see; and with learnings to take away, for instance, from Aunt Nora and Uncle Esteban on working in New York (USA) and from our kins in Ochando on living in New Washington (Aklan).

A few weeks ago, we chatted with our Japan-based aunt, Wilma Miyagi. She asked if we had any plans of going to Boracay, considering that it’s just a couple of hours away from home. We said: Yes, but only for three hours. She asked why—of course, you wouldn’t say you’re too hard up to stay there overnight. And then she put us on hold because she was making a reservation for a room on our behalf via a long-distance call from Okinawa. Wasn’t that sweet of someone who’s a million miles away: to shoulder our room rent? (Thank you, Aunt Wilma! See you soon.)

To be honest, we didn’t spend a cent for food in Boracay. All of it was prepared to the max by Nanay Noemi, Kuya Ege, Ate Menggay, Ate Lani, Kuya Butchoy, et al. But even Aunt Wilma made sure that our provisions were complete. Every time we ate, we’d talk about being touched by and overwhelmed with their incredible kindness and hospitality. At any rate, the workers at La Bella Casa de Boracay were a fantastic staff in that they would make you feel at home away from home. I loved it that it’s near the church and across the street from the White Beach’s Station One. So if you’re planning to go to Boracay and looking for a place to stay, click on this link: http://www.labellacasaboracay.com/, or call 09198853042 / 09228798432 for more details.

We look forward to sojourning in Aklan again–with my two cousins-cum-brothers, Ramil and Ronald; their wives (Myrnamee and Mariel) respectively; and, of course, the two bundles of joy (Sebastian and Kenshi). Until then, let’s keep checking out for Cebu Pacific Air’s promo fares and hoping for another memorable get-together with our dearest family and friends in New Washington. Whether I make it or not then, my heart will forever be grateful to its most amazing people for the warmth of their open arms and such.