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It’s been practically since birth that I’ve been there for my niece Jenny Ann Allera Pimentel to do her makeup, and I maintain that each time was a learning experience. When she had her baptism of fire with pageants at the age of, say, four or five, putting the eyebrow as well as the eyeshadow was such a challenge. I learned later on that it’s the most difficult part of application. As she participated in many more pageants and won all the time, I eventually learned to unlearn the difficulty, and now I always get compliments on both. For this photoshoot at Kawayan Marine Reef Hostel-Malabuyoc, there’s something new I learned about eyeshadowing: that it’s better to just let the eyes stay open when applying the contour shade and then close them when blending. As for eyelining, use black on the upper lid and brown on the lower, because another black on the latter will make the eyes look depressed.

Hair/ Makeup/ Photography: By Ariel Allera
Locale: Kawayan Marine Reef Hostel, Malabuyoc, Cebu
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