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This is the least I could do to reciprocate all the kind deeds that this Allera-Baginski family from London, United Kingdom, has shown me. My ever thoughtful cousin Almira is currently in town, having her vacation together with the fabulous-linguist husband, Janusz, and their bundles of joy, Dylan and Sophie. It’s they who made one of my wishes come true, by sending me a digital camera which I’ve been using to capture some of my most significant goings-on in life.I go around the city each day wearing shoes courtesy of Janusz, and I’ve honestly lost count on the number of pairs he’s sent me since he heard I couldn’t afford to buy for my own. Still, there are a couple of pairs (the dandiest ones) which I choose not to wear to work each day and to don them only during social events.Now, they’re here and, again, filling my makeup box with a Max Factor pressed powder, a L’Oreal blush-on, a L’Oreal highlighter, a L’Oreal eyeshadow palette, and lots of love. It’s impossible not to ask myself: How could I ever thank them for all of the above? I hope that this simple but meaningful family portrait, with the makeup I did on Almira using her presents, would amount to something great enough to express how grateful I am for everything.