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In all honesty, I don’t know what monumentally good I’ve done which would qualify me to be blessed beyond I think I ever deserve. Exactly one week ago, I received a big, heavy box—filled with glossy magazines and sealed with love and thoughts—from my friend May Nacario-Repunte, a Malabuyocanon who’s now based in Calif., USA. She says she’s heard me thanking her already, yet as far as I’m concerned, I can’t thank her enough for such precious collections of hers which, both because of and despite their sentimental value to her, she happily relinquished to me.

An irreparably avid reader of anything but those about science, politics and economy, I should say that May was right about remembering me, because not only am I going to enjoy every text and photo in all of these magazines, I will cherish them the way I still do my old collections. As a matter of fact, there’s already a lot of makeup, fashion and photography tips that I’ve learned and am excited to apply in my next photoshoot.

I was extremely stunned upon opening the box, and so was my mom, especially my two-year-and-nine-month-old Sebastian, who kept pressuring me to check it out right away thinking that the contents might have something to do with him. I hate to sound like a melodramatist, but honestly, I was misty-eyed telling my audience (read: family) how sweet of May to send me such expensive magazines, considering the titles, their volume and weight, and most especially, her effort. Indeed, it’s going to take a lifetime for me to be able to thank her enough.