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I’m an advocate of the “less is more” makeup, especially for wedding—whether on the bride, or on the bride’s maid, or on the maid of honor. I use neutral shades, and I never forget to explain to her why, sharing some of my tips while doing my job. More than any other part of the face, I concentrate on the eyes, using beige as highlighter and taupe to contour, with a bit of bronze. Again, I make sure that my client understands why, so that she, too, can help herself in case of emergency and I’m not around to lend a hand.

Last weekend my friend Genevieve Ponce found herself lucky, because I was in town (well, I’m here three days and two nights per week) and she was maid of honor on her cousin’s wedding held at the San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church in Malabuyoc, Cebu. I felt lucky too, because I love this craft and would like to share it to as many women out there as possible.

Skin care is essential to achieving an impeccable makeup. As for Athena Jae’s skin, any makeup artist would have complimented her on its smoothness and flawlessness because, as you can see, she looks so fresh and dainty. It really does help to have a perfect skin first and foremost, because only then when you’ll just be looking like yourself with makeup, only a little better. Right?