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This photo is a sequel to yesterday’s post, in which I was able to gloss over the imperfection of my masterpiece by finding plausible enough words to describe the look I’d created. I’ll be honest with you: I cowered in how I contoured my eleven-year-old niece’s nose; I find the blending not perfect enough to achieve what I’d seen in my fashion slicks. But I have no regrets. At least I know now that I had better be extra careful the next time I do it.

As I wrote in a comment on my previous blog, this one is better, in that she looks like a professional beauty queen. Here, Jersey Anne resembles Miss Universe 2003 Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic. Amelia’s hair was long and straight when she vied for the crown, but I’ve googled several photos of her sporting it in voluminous waves, and I can’t help seeing the semblance of the two. I didn’t have any intention of copying the Dominican beauty’s hairstyle—since I got my niece’s from my Lucky fashion mag—but I bet that any pageant buff will agree with me, hands down.

Hair/Makeup/Photography: Ariel Allera
Model: Jersey Anne Allera Salazar
Outfit: Almira Allera Baginski
Location: Gawahon, Malabuyoc, Cebu