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I’ve once been madly in love with a Japanese heartthrob before. But this guy-next-door from Osaka named Kozo is not that same boyfriend who’s assailed my heart to pieces. He’s not a brute, which is why he’s remained one of my best friends despite the geographical distance and the cultural difference between us.

Last July 3–7, Kozo came vacationing in Cebu, but due to conflict of schedule, there was no way we could see each other—no matter how much excitement he had expressed, via private message, about inviting me to lunch or dinner. Invariably, every Friday, nothing could stop me from rushing to Malabuyoc right after I log off from work at noon. Last week, the night prior to that, he said over the phone that he’d be back in Cebu City from his Camotes island sojourn by five o’clock in the afternoon and would like to see me. I figured, what was I going to do until then, and I realized that five hours of me would only be put to waste if I stayed in the city.

So I told him: “I’m sorry, but I think it’s not the best time for us to get together. If you’d really like to see me, or if you miss me, then come to Malabuyoc.”

Lo and behold, he arrived in Malabuyoc the very next morning, going out of his way and bursting out of the taxi. He was all smiles, while I couldn’t say what words to express how moved I was by such an effusive effort of his: only to see me. And do you know how many kilometers it is from the city to my hometown? It’s a long one hundred and twenty five. So, to say that I felt like a long-haired queen of all queens was an understatement.

After his presence had sunk in, I couldn’t stop thanking him, because even you will say that it’s not a joke someone spent that much effort despite his hectic schedule and money for the taxi just so he could see you.

He’s the sweetest!