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I was drenched in rain when I hopped into the Malabuyoc-bound bus last Thursday afternoon at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. The worst part was my feet, because I couldn’t dry them up, nor could I change my socks, shoes, and pants. Thank God I’d brought an extra shirt, so that I could have a change in the bathroom before the bus left and, more importantly, the confidence to befriend the blue-eyed passenger seated across me.

“Hi! What’s your name? When does this bus leave? Do you want a slice of wheat bread? Are you sure you’re not hungry? Where are you from? Is that vacant seat next to you taken? If not, can I sit beside you?” I asked.

“I’m alone, so you can sit beside me,” Morten, a Philosophy and Social Science professor from Denmark, beamed at me. I kept telling him that I was jealous of his eyes and also apologizing since I couldn’t help gazing while he talked to me.

I felt confident admitting that I found him hot, because of both the fact that he’s highly educated and the academic discipline he’s in. He’s the second Danish dreamboat I’ve made friends with on a southbound bus, and based on what I’ve heard from both of them, I think Denmark is a great country and its people are lucky to belong there. The taxes they pay may be sky-high, but the way their government is taking care of them is clearly and universally enviable. For example, you don’t pay for your tuition fees when you go to university, plus you’re given allowance for, say, food, room rent, etc. Now, tell me: Isn’t that enviable?

Morten’s English is flawless, so I asked whether English is used as medium of instruction in Denmark. His answer—no—surprised me, because he spoke as though it’s used every day between his students and him when discussing the pursuit of wisdom as well as the aspect of human society.

But I was embarrassed when he asked why there’s water leaking overhead. It’s my wet umbrella that had collected the downpour while walking from Jones Avenue to the bus terminal earlier. He said I didn’t have to apologize, but of course, I transfered my slightly holed brolly before his brown hair, handsome face, branded shirt, and dandy pants got drenched too.

We’ve been texting each other now and are hoping to see each other again before he takes off back to Europe end of this month. Perhaps, a nice and simple lunch with us somewhere at Cebu I.T. Park is bound to happen come Monday. Tell me, care to join?