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I’ve never been in the best mood to write since my beloved Mama Epas bade farewell, but then I just couldn’t help being moved by tonight’s MMK episode. The story was about an older sister (portrayed by Dimples Romana) being heavy-handed to her little one (by Alex Gonzaga). It reminded me of the oppression I went through as an OSY (read: out-of-school youth, for eight consecutive years), who was often despised and bashed by many of my neighbors and even some of my kindred. 

Being young and lowly, I could only take in their hurtful words and contemptuous gestures without an iota of inkling that those people were doomed to live in misery for the rest of their lives. 

How could I forget what they said: “I’m gonna have one of my fingers cut if Ariel Allera graduates from college.”? I still remember their names and faces, but I will never ever forget how their disdainful treatment towards me shaped my character, pushed me to persevere, and enforced me to finish a degree in Journalism

I don’t mean to look down on them now, but whenever I look at them walking around the vicinity, I see nothing but a bunch of bums. How karmic!

Photo by Bida Kapamilya: http://bidakapamilya.blogspot.com/2013/08/alex-gonzaga-maltreated-by-dimples.html