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Perhaps due to lack of sponsors, GMA had to bloat its commercial break by rerunning its soap operas and sitcoms (to a point of annoyance!) during its coverage of last night’s Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant. The redundancy was unbelievable I’d already lost count before I snarled at the boob tube for procrastinating each segment that I could no longer stay to see the Question & Answer. Last night’s shift was two hours earlier than usual, so I had to head off to work after the Evening Gown competition.

I thought the organizers had learned from their past mistakes—boring the televiewers to sleep—but then, it’s still the same draggy, lousy show they’ve come up with for this year. Nevertheless, most of their candidates had excellent catwalk skills during the Swimsuit competition, although it’s sad to see the best gown was worn by a candidate who wasn’t even as graceful as she should be for winning the Best in Gown award. And it’s impossible not to have said that Miss World Philippines 2013 candidates glided better than many of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas candidates.

Thank God, seriously, that the judges chose actress Megan Young to represent our country to the Miss World pageant in Indonesia come September 28. I couldn’t care less how far more articulate the others were (as I said, I missed the Q&A), but I think only Megan and the first princess, Janicel Lubina, were real stunners among the five finalists, unlike last year, wherein any of the four—the eventual winner down through the third princess—could have snatched the crown.

Kudos to the organizers for such a classy stage, and again, for winding up the night with our country’s best Miss World delegate, so far. With only forty-one days en route, we can all relax knowing that we’re being represented by our nation’s cream of the crop.

(Thanks to my friend Jory Rivera of OPMB Worldwide for the photo.)