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Philippines did it again! After our precious Mutya Datul cinched the Miss Supranational 2013 crown in Belarus last month, we’ve just been crowned as Miss World 2013 in Indonesia a few hours ago—in the person of Megan Young, no less. Right now I’m overwhelmed with pride and joy, and my hands are shaking that I can’t seem to continue typing anymore.

Now that the meaningful, beautiful blue crown is ours, I can’t be happier for our country yet sorrier for our ugly fellow countrymen out there who can’t afford to show our beauty to the world because they’re busy fattening their pockets and filling their bathtubs with the people’s money.

Thank you, Megan Young, for such a wonderful breather! We can at least take a respite now from the ugly faces and lousy lies that we’re getting used to seeing and hearing each day on television and the Internet. Thank you for representing our country with class and in style. It just goes without saying that we, Filipinos, are beautiful, fabulous, and intelligent!