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I usually just skip over unnecessary diatribes popping on my Facebook News Feed from time to time, but when I read this atrocious post by that Singapore-based frustrated beauty queen named Devina DeDiva, on our country winning at the recent Miss World 2013 Final, I wanted to rant right away, before such an infamous face that many Filipinos are itching to slap.

Girl, we’d like you to know that your calling us such names as “maids, poor, smelly from cleaning toilets, and less privileged everywhere” qualifies you to be a totally despicable damsel in the streets trying to find her place in sun, especially now that you’ve just been kicked out as an assistant teacher of a school being run by Filipino supervisors. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere under the sun that a racist like you belongs, except under its scorching heat. That’s where you deserve to get charred!

Come again? You said that we’re uneducated? What kind of education did you wake up to each morning? What school would have taught you to discriminate against the Filipino people? What subject would have led you to such extent of insecurity level?

Now, review your post and comments. You’re too proud of your educational attainment, yet you don’t know what “verb tense consistency” means. You don’t even know how to punctuate the sentences correctly and spell some of the words properly.

I’m totally against the practice of bashing, but if you—being an incurably bitter and clinically insecure woman of today—can’t help it, let me tell you this: Next time, before you start lashing out at people on the Internet or anywhere, make sure that your writing is supraperfect and your beauty world-class—and you have the eloquence of the best Miss Universe, Lara Dutta, as well as the wit of the most glamorous Miss World (before Miss Philippines Megan Young was enthroned), Yukta Mookhey, who, in case you forget, both hail from your native country of India.

If you can’t afford to perform all of the above, eat your heart out. I didn’t write this blog to stoop to your level; I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine because you’re sick. For all we know, your mouth is even stinkier than the toilet in your room. Right, my dear fellow Filipino people?