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I feel both proud and upset that my blog titled “Cindy Miranda: Getting Ready for Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 Tonight” was lifted by this Facebook Group called Philippines Pageants. I have no idea where they found it because I wasn’t part of the 24-thousand-plus-member group until now, and so it wasn’t I who posted the write-up thereon. I’m proud, because Philippine Pageants must have had a crush on its content or found it to be a valuable read for its members so that they posted it on their Timeline. I’m upset, because they failed to give credit to its author that’s me.

Naturally, I sent them a letter via private message, and I haven’t received any reply since last night. I was on a bus yesterday afternoon, on the way home to Malabuyoc, when a relative named Brixter Leo Failden Allera tagged me in his comment on the article in question. That’s how I was made aware, so I couldn’t help being bewildered, to say the least. Ryan Quimpo, a concerned and thoughtful reader whom I just friended through it, also commented saying that I should be given credit. This may seem so simple to some of you out there; however, try to imagine yourself losing your boyfriend or girlfriend to someone else.

I put my heart and soul into every blog that I write. Which is why the act of copying my write-up and pasting it on their Timeline without acknowledging me hurts. I have no problem with those of you who may have shared some of them on your Timeline, because sharing is totally different from copying-pasting.

Anyhow, it’s funny how I could be a subject of envy that some trying hard commenters have questioned my blog’s content. Of course, it has no byline, but as far as I’m concerned, their comments sound as if they can’t believe the author really wrote the story—not just a product of “copy and paste.” I couldn’t help scoffing at how shallow their judgment is. Where on earth would have I lifted such story and why would I have to plagiarize, when I possess a lot of confidence in my own thoughts and, more importantly, I have full faith in my God-given talent in writing?

What’s more funny is that, as you can see through the link, one commenter found my story to be “ungrammatical.” Well, while I’m more of a prescriptivist than a descriptivist, I honestly admit to having the tendency to write amiss in one way or another. But it doesn’t make me feel less of a blogger because I have seen that even the writers at The New York Times have their share of flaws. I just find it oddly comical that there are some people out here on World Wide Web who have the nerve to start criticizing others’ posts when, truth be told, there are more serious “grammatical” issues protruding from their own comments.

Dear friends, kindly click the link and double-check the said comments. Thank you.

Photo Courtesy of Philippine Pageants Facebook Group