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Let me take this moment to greet one of my dearest friends for life—Johanna Chu-Conner a.k.a. Foxtail Lily—on her birthday, which she’s celebrating today in faraway San Diego, California. I miss those days in Malabuyoc when we used to hang out together, before she and her sisters (my other best friends: Sheila Burris and Jeralyn C. Golrokh) migrated to the States. Now that the lovely trio are miles away, I can only reminisce all the sweet memories we have of our friendship when our group was complete. I’m grateful that they haven’t changed. Dear Johanna, thank you for staying as thoughtful as you’ve always been. I want you to know that every single thing you’ve given me, material and mystical, is worth a treasure for keeps. Thank you for those—especially for the friendship. May God bless you not only on your birthday today but also on all the days of your life.