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I admit that I’m so into this guy for over a year now, and because he knows I haven’t had a boyfriend for a long time already, I’m excused to have multiple crushes alongside himself. 

I’m not ashamed to be tagged as a flirt, because truthfully, I’ve not only shown but also told him pointblank that I like him—without necessarily courting him though. Having been heartbroken in the past, I’ve learned to just veer away from trying too hard in courting a guy to simply saying that I like him. Less emotions invested, less pain in return.

I stopped seeing and texting him when, after sending more than two messages, he didn’t bother to text back any longer. I thought—well, felt, really—that if he didn’t get any more messages from my end, he would start to wonder why. But then again, half of me told my other half: “Ariel, don’t be too presumptious. Remember you’re not a woman. Who are you to be thought of, dreamed about, and missed by him?”

I woke up to this realization, and so, this morning, I quit playing cute, especially after remembering that “pride is the worst of the seven deadly sins.” I talked to him and asked, “Have you missed me?”

He said, “I’ve missed hearing from you and wondered why you stopped seeing me for the past two weeks.” He then turned on his phone and opened a page to show me the lyrics of a song titled “God Bless the Broken Road.” “Ariel, read every single word of it and try to assimilate the meaning of the song.” 

I asked why and said sorry that I had no more time to gulp in its message because I was in a hurry. To be honest, I understood the meaning of it all, but I just refused to dwell too much on it, because I didn’t want to go home assuming that he’s already in love with me. Again, I reminded myself: “Ariel, you’re not worth a man’s love because you’re just a . . .” 

Before I left, he called over my shoulder and said, “Just text me later with what you think about ‘God Bless The Broken Road’ lyrics.”