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Despite the injuries that I suffered from today’s earthquake, I am thankful to God because my family in Malabuyoc and most of ours are fine. 

It’s just tragic that there were people who got injured severely and others lost their lives to this second intense earthquake—after the traumatic one in 2012. 

At the Chong Hua Hospital Emergency Room this afternoon, it was a shame that I cried my heart out loud as the doctor was applying dressings to my wound, while the other patients in the room did just as loud but looked more entitled to their complaints. One of them lost a loved one, I heard; a man was advised to undergo CT scan because a stone flung into his head.

I was very much asleep at my friend Tina Labita-Puso’s house in Tisa Hills when my bed shook like a mobile phone vibrating on a dinner table. I know you will tell me that I should’ve just stayed inside the house, dropped on the floor, and covered my head under the bed or table. But I rattled like crazy, causing me to rush down the stairs, run across the street out of my wits, and stumble on the ground.

Thanks to my friend Tina for giving me a lift to the hospital on the way to her lunch meeting at a friend’s house. To the patient named January who permitted me to hold on her boyfriend, when I needed someone to hang on to, thank you. Both being and feeling alone, I asked the guy, “Can I hold your arm, please? You know, I’m immune to emotional pain, but this is the first time I’m in such physical pain and trauma which, I’ve just realized, are way worse than the matters of the heart.” 

“Sure, no problem,” he and his girlfriend agreed.