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Happy Birthday to my niece Jenny Ann Allera Pimentel and to all those celebrating the same today! I can’t hide the fact that I am very proud of Jenny Ann for being such an impeccable epitome of beauty, brains, and grace. Much has been said and written about all the achievements under her belt, so let’s just say, she’s going to be one of the finest lawyers to dazzle the courtroom four to five years from now. What uncle-cum-mentor would never take pride in a protegee who gives credence to his words despite the naivete in his own ways and style? I am beyond thankful that she, too, is proud of me no matter what. Happy Birthday, Jenny Ann . . . from Manoy Ariel Allera, Papa James Pimentel, Mama Alma Pimentel, brother Airon Jake Pimentel, and the Allera-Pimentel family.

Makeup/ Hair/ Photography: Ariel Allera
Place: Kawayan Marine Resort; Malabuyoc, Cebu