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Now this is fabulous—the opening production number of the delayed telecast of Miss Earth 2013 Beauty with a Cause Pageant on Abs-Cbn. Last night’s live telecast on StarWorld was the pits. That was supposed to have been perfect in that the whole world was watching, but, for technical reasons, there was no audio during the candidates’ dance number.

I love the venue, Versailles Palace, a high-end Mediterranean southern Manila subdivision. It’s so unconventional—yet very ambitious and risky: what if it rained amidst the swimsuit competition or got too windy while the candidates paraded in their evening gowns? We can’t just say that, rain or shine, the show must go on, and then ditch the cost of trying to put up a good show. Thank God that Mother Earth heeded the organizers’ as well as the candidates’ prayers: the weather was excellent, like this year’s staging of Miss Earth and its official results, which were tabulated and verified by SGV . . . not by SVG, as what the male host Oli Pettigrew said, or so I heard. In fairness, he and his co-host Linda Black were a perfect match. They’re both articulate and witty that there’s no air of boredom between them.

And what a lovely beauty to behold, my friend Karla Henry, Miss Earth 2008! I was right about my yesterday’s blog about her. Her hosting ability has so obviously verged on today’s best female host on Philippine television.

Congratulations to the winner, Miss Venezuela, Alyz Henrich, who was crowned Miss Earth 2013. Girl, I am seriously jealous of your beautiful, big, bold eyes. Also to her runners-up: Miss Austria Katia Wagner (Miss Air); Miss Thailand Punika Kulsoontornrut (Miss Water); and Miss Korea Catharina Choi (Miss Fire).

Kudos to Tereza Fajksova, Miss Earth 2012, on a job well done and a reign beautifully lived throughout the year. Watching Teresa as she showed her final walk and relinquished her crown to Miss Earth 2013, I told my mom that she’s from Czech Republic and added, “No wonder . . . because she’s uber beautiful and he (refering to Igor) is uber handsome.” 

I deeply regret not remembering and telling Igor that last year’s winner was from his country. Age must’ve overtaken me so bad that I was completely clueless (to think, Tereza was my last year’s number one favorite), or I was just too enraptured every second I was with him that everything else didn’t matter.