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I guess I really need to enrich my vocabulary or whet my listening skill because when Mr. Cebu 2009 Kris Nimrod Cabigas asked, “Sir, could you please groom me?” I felt like Facebook Zero loading its page whenever I try to click on posts by my favorite New York Times Op-Ed columnists. Of course, I know that the word “groom” is one of the simplest and easiest words to find in our thesauri, but at the time Nimrod approached me, I honestly thought he was kidding me to be his groom.

But why did I think he’d be? He was there in the backstage area the whole time I was doing my friend’s makeup, and I found him to be preternaturally peppy, cracking jokes with everyone including Mr. International 2013 fourth runner-up Gil Wagas.

It’s funny because I’d just locked my box, after my makeup on Joeymae Sedillo Gayo, Miss Cebu Tourism 2001 fourth runner-up, who was there to grace the Miss Cebu 2014 Coronation Night. We were exiting towards the ballroom when Nimrod Cabigas, popularly known as Borgie Cabigas, caused me to have a bit of a nosebleed on the spot. It was only when he confirmed that “the official makeup artists are in the thick of assisting the candidates” that I got what he asked me for: to give him a grooming, because he was doing the live coverage of Miss Cebu 2014 on Abs-Cbn.

Joeymae commented: “You’ve asked the right person!”—before I could say: “Sure, why not?”

But, you tell me, would you say no to a total knockout like Mr. Cebu himself? Not that Kris Nimrod “Borgie” Cabigas is the “best medicine” like “laughter” in Reader’s Digest, but my nose stopped bleeding as soon as I started touching his face.



Makeup: Ariel Allera
Outfit: Lemuel Rosos
(Thanks to my ever thoughtful niece Jenny Ann Pimentel for lending me her digital camera when I forgot to bring mine.)