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I believe that the world is so beautiful that it’s a shame to gripe about a thing of minute significance. Even about people of trivial importance, I find it unnecessary to give a darn. And for what it’s worth, I must have matured enough to be a compassionate person and a careful friend between extremes. 

I’m thankful to the chunks of people who respect my views and deeds, as well as to those who say that they appreciate my beauty and wit. Of course, I can’t show them a reaction of disbelief if that’s how they treat me, because I know that they mean what they say. 

But to the bunch of bigots and the group of gossips out there, keep up the good work, but please tone down your insecurity and idiocy because I’m already sorry that you’re looking heavily despicable in a thicket of nincompoops.

My feeling towards my haters is such that I won’t take heart to lash back, because no matter what I do to find a reason to see the evil in them, all I could afford to give back is compassion, especially if, eventually, they will decide to eat their hearts out.

Imagine where on earth these lowbrows are going to pick themselves up again if ever I try to stoop to their level. For sure, I won’t be running out of words to magnify their shameful mediocrity and their colossal lack of attention. I’m already too blessed with more than enough which I could thank God for—which is why I can understand there are some people that are amazed and there are some others that can’t accept my abundance of and their lack of.

We live in a beautiful world, yet I’m wary of trusting people with an ugly level of self-esteem, so much so that I’d rather linger over a book, or a magazine, or a column, or a blog whose author will allow me to suck his or her brains by all means, than go loitering away the afternoon with someone who will only cramp my style out of half-baked wit.



Photography: Cecilia Allosada, Mae Arabelle Allosada, Jacqueline Durango
Gown: Nit Alsola (New York, U.S.A.)
Earrings: Alma Allera Pimentel 
Makeup Tools: Relatives & Friends from around the world 
Thanks also to: Rene Allera, Jemima Allera, Rënz Çädâÿ Ällêrå, and Jemaiiy Raine Allera for giving me a pass to the seawall.
Malabuyoc, Cebu