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I just dropped by my friend Roy Erwin Tizon’s House of Beauty & Style on my way to Ayala Center Friday afternoon to coax him to bring a candidate to the March 9 Miss Teen Philippines 2014 Region 7 screening and, of course, to extract a few makeup tips from his creative genius before heading to the mall to purchase cake foundation. Never did I expect that a lot more valuable things and more memorable scenes were bound to happen, as though I must’ve done something monumentally good that day to deserve all of it.

“Hi, Tizon!” I greeted.

“Ariel, come on in,” he said, plopping down his couch and then taking me aback. “Take these.” A set of four professional makeup brushes courtesy of one of Cebu’s highly respected artists . . . which I’m proud to squeeze into my complete set courtesy of my Filipino-American friend Natalio Lazaro.

As we reminisced the good old days when he did the makeup on my friends (sisters Cherrie Marie Amante and Cheerzyl Amante) for pageants in different towns and cities, I thanked him properly for letting me tag along then, because not only did I enjoy watching the shows, I learned his techniques from applying foundation to lining the lips, especially contouring the eyes. Ditto with my other mentor in the person of Malayka Yamas, who looked so radiant and fresh gliding down the stairs in his see-through canary yellow shirt.

Then, out of the blue, the recently crowned Miss Cebu 2014 Cheriemel Diane Muego galloped into the living room, where I had the honor of interviewing the voluble beauty queen, instead of just congratulating her on a well-deserved victory and commending her on her quick wit and way with words. It was only then and there that I learned that she’s under the management of my good friend Marlon Garcia Wafer of Wafer Models Philippines, through which my skills in makeup and scriptwriting were honed when I had the luxury of time in the beauty and fashion industry.

Believe it or not, the last time I watched Tizon in action was practically ten years ago. But the picture of him putting black or taupe or charcoal shadow into Cherrie Marie’s or Cheerzyl’s eye crease is still very much as vivid as the authenticity of his masterpieces. Secretly I hoped that a client was coming to have her hair and makeup done. And I thanked God because, indeed, some Australia-based restaurateur named Jana Vuitton Fox burst into the shop. So instead of going home because it’s time to sleep already, I chose to stay because, again, I didn’t want to miss out on another momentous learning experience.