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Nothing beats cake foundation for maximum coverage, especially in a warmer country like the Philippines. And among the classics, no other brand beats Japanese makeup named Kanebo.

To my friend Jeremy Lim Langub—whose inner and outer beauty, impeccable bone structure, and lustrous skin tone are plausible enough reasons why she’s always been mistaken for a “venevision” (read: Venezuelan vision, Venezuelan beauty queen)—thank you for this belated Christmas gift and advance Valentine present.

I was just about to buy one of exactly the same brand and shade, but Jeremy Langub pulled my hair back, saying that she had an extra one in her drawer at home which she’d be very happy to let go for her dear friend’s sake—mine (who else’s?). Such a perfect timing, because the shade will blend perfectly well with the immaculately fair complexion of my candidate for the 2014 Search for Miss UP (University of the Philippines), Niña Saysonn.

But more than this valuable Kanebo Stage Color cake foundation, I’m thankful to Jeremy for extending her friendly disposition towards me, especially for uplifting my spirits whenever the pressures of life drag me down.