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What better way to know more about Niña Sayson—how much more elegant and how much more eloquent, and how worthy she is of the Miss UP 2014 crown—than by hearing her out below?

ARIEL: What sets Miss UP Cebu apart from other school pageants?

NINA: I think what makes Miss UP Cebu different is that not only does it look for women who are intelligent and beautiful, but it also looks for women who have the burning passion to serve the community. Being a UPian, we are always told that our main goal is to serve the people and give back to our “Inang Bayan.” In my almost four years now in the university, I have become aware of different social issues, that at first may seem great and far-flung from a normal student’s concern but unswervingly have been affecting them all along. The Miss UP Search aims to produce candidates who embody values of integrity and compassion, candidates who are willing to serve and to put other people’s interest and welfare first before their own.

ARIEL: Considering that in most pageants, such as Binibining Pilipinas which requires a candidate to be at least five-foot-five (or Miss Cebu, five-foot-three), height is might? Do you personally believe that a campus beauty queen should be tall?

NINA: As per my answer above, in Miss UP Cebu, it hardly matters whether you are not the prototype of a beauty queen—tall, beautiful, slim. Miss UP Cebu embraces diversity in the candidates and looks for women who advocate and promote a cause. That is basically the core of Miss UP Cebu and why the winner will never be just another beauty queen.

ARIEL: What is it like studying in UP Cebu?

NINA: Personally, during my first year in UP Cebu, I experienced quite a culture shock because I came from a private all-girls school, Saint Theresa’s College—from primary through secondary level. In UP, my classmates are literally from all walks of life, coming from different provinces in the country, speaking different dialects, each having his or her own set of values and ideas. In UP Cebu, I have come to respect differences and to appreciate the lessons I have learned from each one of them. All my life, I have come to typecast people, and UP Cebu has taught me to look beyond those stereotypes and to break the boundaries that man has come to put. And for that, I am forever thankful to UP Cebu.

There you have it, our Candidate #3 at the Search for Miss UP Cebu 2014.

Friends, we have only until midnight to show our support, by voting Nina Sayson for the People’s Choice Award which will be given at the coronation night on February 13 at the Mariners’ Court, Port Area. Click the link below this paragraph and click on the “like” button below Nina Sayson’s photo. Thank you.