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Congratulations to my niece Khriesha Allosada Mendoza and my friend Christian Rey Ocubillo Guinita on bagging the titles of Mr. and Miss Teen Valentine 2014 at a search sponsored by and held at Gaisano Metro Department Store, Colon Street, Cebu City, on February 16, 2014.

Who would’ve thought that a petite thirteen-year-old high school freshman could steal the thunder of some of Cebu’s taller models? Our weekly stage presence and question-and-answer sessions are paid off, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels because, as I’ve always told Khriesha, she still has a long hair to comb—a long way to go, so to speak. Not all pageants believe that “height is might.” There you go.

Only one winner was chosen for Miss Teen Valentine 2014, as well as for Mr. Teen Valentine 2014. No runner-up titles were awarded. My other niece Jersey Anne Salazar fared well, considering that she’s the youngest.

Both Khriesha Allosada Mendoza and Jersey Anne Allera Salazar have competed together in our home town of Malabuyoc, at the Search for Miss Teen Gawahon 2013. Khriesha won the Miss Teen Gawahon – Universe 2013 crown; Jersey Ann was crowned as Miss Teen Gawahon – International 2013.

Hair & Makeup on both Khriesha and Jersey Ann: ARIEL ALLERA