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I waited here outside Aboitiz building for its lobby to open at exactly one in the afternoon yesterday, when some ruggedly handsome guy suddenly popped into the bench like a heaven-sent bombshell.

At first he sat like a waiting passenger at a train station, but after about two minutes of silence between us, he stretched his arm and then just confidently lay down there as if it were his own bed. His abs looked hot to me, and so did all parts in their vicinity. Couldn’t help thinking: Was he trying to seduce me? Hmm. . . .

“Hi! When does the lobby open?” I asked, in the vernacular, to break the ice, although I knew what time offices resume after lunch.

“At one o’clock,” he said, in Tagalog.

I thanked him, and I wondered if he’s from Manila.

He said, “No, I’m from Consolacion, Cebu. I answered in Tagalog because I thought you’re Ilonggo, from the way you talk.”

I quickened to tell him that I’m a true-blue Cebuano, particularly from a southern town called Malabuyoc—and I only talked that way because I quivered in shyness suggesting a conversation with him.

“Wow, Malabuyoc is such a lovely town. I’ve been there before, in 1996, when I was a boy scout and our (high) school attended the National Boy Scout Jamboree there,” he remarked, reminiscing his good old memories.

He’s already an international seafarer currently on vacation. He’s just waiting for his mother who was actually inside the Aboitiz building already attending a meeting, while I went to submit the report card on behalf of my nephew Airon Jake Pimentel who’s an Aboitiz Foundation scholar.

Before he left, he got my hand and said, “It’s my pleasure to have met you.” 

At once I felt shy, so I jokingly told him: “You know, I wonder what it’s like to have a seaman boyfriend. Can I have your number?” (Again, that was just a joke, and I haven’t the slightest intent of making someone else out there feel jealous or less important.)

I caught him all smiles. 

“Sure!” said he.

Now we’re in texting terms: I told him how much he made my day—momentarily, at least—because I was supposed to be downhearted that afternoon. I’ve accidentally erased all of his messages, but he said that he, too, was happy to have met me—or something to that effect.