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(I wrote the first paragraph as if I was a candidate being asked to define what a Miss Teen Philippines should be.)

As best as she can be, an ideal Miss Teen Philippines is synonymous to an outstanding youth in the community. She should be inclined to impact a lasting impression on her title not only as a beauty queen with that glittering crown on her head, but more importantly and yet more appropriately, as an advocate for education, an instrument of peace and goodwill, a symbol of hope, and so on. 

So, tonight, each of the contestants will be judged according to our meticulous judging criteria:

Intelligence (based on the judges’ personal interview with the candidates): 50%
Poise & Confidence: 30%
Physical Appearance: 20%,
Total: 100%

And to make sure that we choose the best of our equally vibrant beauties with brains, we have invited the most capable people to help us in determining who the winners will be.


DR. RAMIR B. UYTICO (Educator)
MR. JING MONIS (Member of the Miss Teen Philippines Advisory Council, one of the country’s premiere hair stylists, celebrity salon owner, hair care expert and consultant)
MR. ROBBIE PINERA (Member of the Miss Teen Philippines Advisory Council, makeup stylist extraordinaire, creative director, entrepreneur)
MR. LANCE GUIANG (SUN Postpaid Marketing representative)
MR. MARC RAMOS (Director of Operations for Miss Teen Philippines 2004–2007)

By Ariel Allosada Allera; Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera; Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines