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Based on experience, the no-makeup look is much more difficult to achieve. So it took me longer to get this one done than I would have a dramatic, evening makeup. Since last year, it’s been my tradition to devote an afternoon of makeup session and photo shoot for the winners of Miss Teen Gawahon Search in my home town of Malabuyoc. It’s my own way of sharing my God-given talents and paying homage to our annual Feast of Sta. Kruz for providing me the perfect avenue to take off when I couldn’t find my place in the sun back in the day.

Subject: Mavylle Ocat Padillo, Miss Teen Gawahon – International 2014

Makeup: Ariel Allera

Outfit: Jenny Ann Allera Pimentel

Assistants: Arabelle Allosada, Jersey Ann Allera Salazar, Khriesha Allosada Mendoza, Zyra Allera