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Today is the culmination of my perennial cries, fervent prayers, relentless faith. I knew this was coming. And although there were times I said, “Lord, I’m tired,” and then dropped off, I kept chanting “In His Time” and drawing hope from what a priest once told me: “You have to keep your heart open to the possibility that he may come back to you.” Indeed, he did!

The past forty-one days and forty nights of utter emotional turmoil and mental drainage may have eaten up ten pounds of my weight and blurred my sunny disposition in life, but never did I, even for a second, lose grip of my belief in the power of God’s unjudgmental love.

Thanks to those who chose compassion and kindness over self-righteousness and self-centeredness in their contribution to my enlightenment. To those who kept their mouths shut knowing that some (again, some; not all) unsolicited pieces of their minds would only add insult to injury, thank you. It just goes to say that we read the same books and believe the same authors—those that spread the power of peace, optimism, mysticism; not cynicism.

There is an unfathomable power in faith. Blessed are those who pray unceasingly and stay steadfast even when sometimes it seems no one is listening, because the truth is: God listens and only He knows when is the right time to celebrate an answered prayer.

To the one I’m fond of calling ‘babe’: Thank you for allowing God to touch your heart and make you His instrument of peace and joy for me. You’re the sweetest!


By Ariel Allosada Allera; Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera; Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines