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One of my strictly special few confidantes at work once asked me while lunching at our cafeteria how on earth I had such grace and humility despite the depth of my wounded heart. Thanks! What a heart-warmer that someone in her position took notice of the manner in which I handled my predicament at the time, be it in the details which I quite carefully shared over our favorite viand or the posts which I kept scribbling on my Facebook Timeline.

This trustworthy friend of mine may not have known yet as for the latest following our last week’s tete-a-tete. But I do hope she’ll know in no time that I’m back to the jovial, alluring Ariel whom she got used to seeing, because I’ve already reconciled with this man I love, so that she will stop worrying about me. (Scroll down for related post regarding our reconciliation.)

As to her question, I don’t believe in lashing at the person who may have caused the heartbreak. I find it unnecessary, unfair, unbeautiful, unbeauty-queenly, ungodly. How could we afford to deprave someone we love? Whatever the crux might have been, we couldn’t deny the fact that, for sure, he or she brought more joy than anything into our lives—and for that we should be grateful instead. And if, indeed, we’re too hurt to be graceful and humble because we loved him or her so much, then what chances are there to win the person’s heart back if we keep on bruising it with hate nothings?

I may not have been the ideal, perfect ‘girlfriend’ with whom my exes would have chosen to have a lasting relationship, but I have the effrontery to remain friends with them, for they can all attest to the fact that in the wake of breaking up and breaking down, I never resorted to the point of profaning them for making me cry.

Until now I can’t believe that my prayers have been answered. He came back way sooner than I expected. As far as I’m concerned, God could no longer afford to see your friend thoroughly drenched in his own buckets of tears. Needless to say, nothing beats the prayerful cries of a graceful and humble heart, especially that with the purest intention.


By Ariel Allosada Allera; Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera; Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines