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I grew up believing that “reading makes a full man and writing makes a complete man,” so I grabbed practically every reading material in front of me and composed essays, short stories, poetry all the time.

And as I began to develop an eye for beauty as well as keep my eyes peeled for pageants, I’d leap in excitement whenever my mom went to the city and came home with even just a simple magazine featuring local models and beauty queens. But while I had accumulated tons of books given by relatives who worked overseas, I had only a handful of fashion mags, until my California-based friends Johanna Chu-Conner (Foxtail Lily), Sheila Chu-Burris (MsMaserati Quattroporte), and Jeralyn Chu-Golrokh kept sending in.

Now, I have God alone knows how many, thanks to another thoughtful Malabuyocanon, California-based friend May Creus Nacario (Roy Repunte-May Nacario) for another box of InStyle and Lucky must-reads. Confessedly hungry for word-hoard and thirsty for more delicious tips on makeup, photography, and the like, what better way to indulge myself than plunge into this wealth of knowledge?

I am profoundly touched because I know that while each of these presents costs so much and the shipping so much more, the thought that I was the first and the only person whom May was thinking of upon deciding bestowal of her collections validates my importance in some people’s hearts.

So, May, thank you again and again for everything. You have no idea how much each page means to me and how far your kindness will go. God bless your kind heart always.


By Ariel Allosada Allera; Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera; Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines