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The 2:00 a.m. drizzle and the unavailability of an umbrella prodded me to hail a taxicab en route to work today. 

I got in one, told the driver my destination, and provided easy instructions as for getting to my workplace. Not that I claim to know better than the guy, but it was already established between us that he agreed, so I was made to believe that he understood. 

But the keen observer in me saw signs of him being in a restless mood while driving and, according to my colleagues who interpreted it later, he must’ve been high on drugs. Worst, I also noticed that his meter went jumping an unreasonable few pesos up, so I felt that the charge was being rigged like a highway robbery, especially when I finally arrived and it read way much higher than usual.

O.K., the driver didn’t follow my instructions, and yet, as nicely as I could manage, I told him that we weren’t supposed to pass this or that route. Fine, he’s just one of those who lack a good sense of comprehension, or better yet, motherwit. But overcharging me was downright unacceptable.

What I did to give him a dose of his own medicine was, I still paid the amount that I read from the meter, but I left the taxi with a good revenge which the driver will never forget in his lifetime. It was just as well that when I got off, I was greeted by two of my fabulous colleagues Melbourne Edillon and Darling Gevera who were crossing the street. So I said “hi” back to them, trying to look busy with my usual, gregarious response, pretending to have fully closed the door at the back.

But because I didn’t really close the door and he didn’t have a clue, the guy would just keep on driving, and upon knowing that one of the doors was left open, he’d be forced to stop his taxi in the middle of the road, get out, and go around to close it all by himself. 

What an inconvenience. Nevertheless, he deserved it, didn’t he?


(I learned this sweet revenge from a book I’d read a long time ago.)

By Ariel Allosada Allera; Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera; Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines