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I was met with these surprise presents from my Hong Kong-based cousin Editha upon arriving home in Malabuyoc two Sundays ago. What a perfect timing, because I will have a photoshoot soon, and I need dark-colored lipsticks which I’ve already run out of. I love the colors of the pencils, too; I can’t wait to line my own lips first before I do my models’—for sentimental, ownership reasons. Lol! While I’m a big believer in the lasting power of deodorant, I promise to wear this perfume to work every single day for, again, sentimental reasons. The polo shirts are dandy, and so is the bag for its color and style. Thank you, Editha, very much for the thought that came with these beautiful bestowals. God bless!

ImageBy Ariel Allosada Allera; Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera; Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines