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A thunderous thanks for the collective love and thoughts of my California-based, longtime Malabuyocanon friends: Sheila Chu-Burris, Johanna Chu-Conner, Jeralyn Chu-Golrokh. A whole bunch of presents from this trio of fabulous sisters arrived last night. Without sounding too dramatic or whatnot, tears are welling in my eyes now as I compose this post and glance at every single content inside the package in front of me. I pause right here for several minutes, trying to grope for the next words to describe how blessed I feel, and then I’m here again, sobbing out my gratitude which I can barely contain.

I am profoundly touched because despite being far and long gone, not to mention their hectic day-to-day activities both at work and in their respective households in different cities of the same state, it seems that I’m very much part of the family and present between them. It’s not my first time to be remembered by them this way and given by the same this much, so I’m afraid that no matter what I do and how hard I try, I can’t thank them enough already for everything.

My dearest Sheila, Johanna and Jeralyn, thank you anyway for this and these, for that and those. Yes, especially for the love and thoughts. I’d like you to know that even before you’d think of sending something special for me, I’m already more than grateful for the thought and I trust that I will always be present in each of your hearts. I praise God that I have friends like you. The makeup palette is precisely what I was hoping to procure. How cute and sweet that it comes in the lovely pouch, and with a freezing hair spray, a huge toothpaste, a health soap, ten packs of milk chocolate drink, a can of beef loaf, and lots of love. Thank you very much. God bless you all always!