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This is what you get when you’re hard up: your own masterpiece.

Fashion designing is far from my cup of tea, but due to financial constraints and personal concerns, I ended up creating my own gown for last night’s Summer Solstice Fashion Show at Bayfront Hotel Cebu. I would say it’s not bad for someone who’s reasonably frugal.

Against those who tried hard talking me into renting or buying, I opted to cut, sew, and style my own dress—for I believe that you don’t have to dig out your pocket reaching for your last penny in order to stand out from the crowd. I’m proud of the fact that I was given not only the opportunity to showcase my style but also the platform to share my sense of frugality.

Doing my own makeup quite seemed a piece of cake already. Yes, it really did, thanks to the myriad photoshoots I had had beforehand and the germane gatherings I had attended.

I specifically used the “past perfect tense” to give credit to every mistake I made prior to three o’clock in the afternoon of that Tuesday when I started applying primer to my face after taking a bath and taking off my unnecessary hair in the toilet of our office building. But if you ask me which particular tip I’d like to share, let me tell you: Learn to break the rules.

What do you mean? If you notice, I’m wearing a super luscious lip color which, according to celebrated makeup artists, should’ve been avoided—because of my heavy eye makeup already and flamboyant gown color. I thought of that too, but I wound up breaking that rule, owing to the Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez whose lips I’d kill to see on my own.

O.K., I’m not ashamed to call myself spiritually fanatic, so let me tell you the story behind my orange gown which, I’m proud to say, I just cut and sewed all by my own hand.

I heard about this place in Talisay City, Cebu, that sells textiles at incredibly low prices per kilo. That was around last week of November of last year. And because our year-end party was originally scheduled for the first week of December and I wanted to create my own style, I went with a purpose of purchasing only two kilos of black fabric worth less than a hundred pesos. Can you believe that?

I thought that since I was already there and spent more than twenty pesos traveling by jeepney, I might as well buy a bulk of fabric, which included another two kilos of this orange spandex. I left it untouched, unfolded, and unhung—just taken for granted somewhere in my room. Little did I know that five months after, I would need it for a party which required attendees to wear colors of the flame.

I thank God because, no matter what the self-righteous bigots with a narrow mind will say, I believe that it was my God who directed me to include this color, because He knew that I was going to use it in the long run.

I could’ve succumbed to the temptation of wearing it to some other events I attended prior to the “Flame On” summer party and the “Summer Solstice” fashion show, but I just gave this hot orange thingie a cold shoulder, not knowing that no other color would fit best what the above-mentioned event was dubbed.11094180_10203024597170785_833569283_n11119811_10152829020647194_4813932423991679541_n11156812_10203024592850677_1406564145_n11160454_10203024575210236_1522307118_n