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I feel as though I were the busy but confidently beautiful Pia who, before and during and after her life-changing marriage to the most coveted Miss Universe 2015 title, barely has had enough sleep, let alone a spare time sitting down to write up her pre- and post-pageant memoir in her journal.

Much as I’d like to, I couldn’t find a few minutes off prior: to share with you how much I believed in either our very own Pia Wurtzbach or Olivia Jordan of USA to walk away with the Miss Universe 2015 crown. In previous years, I had the luxury of time following every one of the delegates online, shortlisting them to my top favorites, and even assessing our country’s representative as to how far she would most likely reach come judgment day. All of my predictions came to fruitition.

I remember writing that Venus Raj would surely be in the top five at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. She placed fifth with the fourth runner-up award. The following year, I surmised that Shamcey Supsup would go a number lower but a notch higher. She was third runner-up at Miss Universe 2011. I had more faith in Janine Tugonon, so I had a hunch that she would be one of the last two standing to either win the Miss Universe 2012 crown or just bring home the first runner-up bouquet. She did the latter. As for Ariella Arida, I was hoping for her to be included in the top four and for my personal favorite Gabriela Isler of Venezuela to win the Miss Universe 2013 crown. Both of that came true: Gabriela was crowned and Ariella finished fourth with the third runner-up award. And, this year, I didn’t just say that Pia Wurtzbach would be in the top five or the final three. I specifically said that she’d reach the “last two standing girls” nerve-wracking moment, together with Miss USA—meaning that she could be either first runner-up or the new Miss Universe. True enough, she was first runner-up for two minutes and, thankfully, was announced later on as the rightful owner of the D.I.C. Miss Universe 2015 crown.

My personal priorities, plus my duties and responsibilities at home, have been taking their tough toll on me that I can only wish I could take ten minutes off of a day sharing my thoughts on both Pia’s aces over her fellow beauty queens from other countries, as well as on all this ugly brouhaha happening during the proclamation of the beautiful winner and her runners-up.

Right after watching the live coverage Monday morning, I had to resume my household chores and paternal duties in Malabuyoc, and then pack up to travel back to the city, where I have work awaiting me every night. After all of those sleepless rest days and nights leading to the pageant and the day and night following, I finally had a chance to sleep, but only for four hours yesterday afternoon before coming to work and coming back home to Malabuyoc this morning. I promise to write and share my review tomorrow—that is, after I have finally slept tight tonight.

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