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I would be ashamed of myself as a pageant pundit if I went wild with the flow and went rat-a-tat right off with my thoughts on the results of, and all the drama and imbroglio at, the recently concluded Miss Universe 2015 pageant in Las Vegas—without giving kudos to the Miss Universe Organization for such a spectacular presentation.

The moment I turned on the telly with the opening spiel and then the opening segment with each of the international delegates introducing herself and her country in her national costume, I was glued in awe to the tube. I said to myself, “Thank goodness that WME/IMG bought it from Donald Trump because, obviously, this new owner did not scrimp at the expense of the pageant’s entertainment value.”

The stage was dainty and seamless, to say the least. So were the LCD, the lighting, the sound effects, not to mention the camera that knew where to flutter around. I could not spot any blemish and blotches or muss and muddle caught on camera. The program flow was just exactly what I had hoped it to be—packed with excitement, thrill, suspense. If there’s a word better than spectacular to describe the show, that would have yet to be decided upon by the lexicographers themselves.

I reveled in the entire three-hour beauty spectacle. But what I can’t get over in the longest time would be how impressed I was with the camera crew. They really knew how to drive the televiewers around town, and to tickle the antsy senses in each of us.

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