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March 13, 2016
Lifted from my Facebook blog

Yesterday I had an experience which could have been worse or, worse, fatal. Thank God I was spared. Let me tell you what happened.

My brother Ramil and I were given a lift by a cousin who was the one driving. Because I’m not well-versed in vehicle classification, nor am I familiar with models, I can only say that even with my five-foot-ten stature, hopping into our cousin’s vehicle was synonymous to climbing. It’s really that high.

We stopped across Central Lumber near the Carbon Market area to pick up some items from the hardware. Ramil was seated in the back and I in the front because, as usual, I was assigned to keep the conversation going, although, admittedly, more often I could not relate to two men talking.

So my brother and I got off, while our cousin stayed inside. We did simultaneously, he from the back, I from the front, his door opening enough to wall me off as I was going down. When he was outside standing, I heard him asking our cousin, “Asa diay si Manoy Ariel? (Where’s Manoy Ariel?)”

Our cousin answered, “Nanaog naman to siya. (He already went down.)”

And then they heard me crying: “Help!”

I remember feeling confidently beautiful like a Miss Universe delegate getting off the bus excited to be held up by the paparazzi in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the next thing I knew: I was already lying in the street, just beside the wheel, feeling not the pain yet but the embarrassment as passers-by were looking at me. To save myself more embarrassment, I kept my head down as my brother took my hand and picked me up. And to make all the kibitzers believe that I was not hurt and abashed, I started laughing and then we were both laughing as we crossed the street to the hardware.

What happened was that I did not know there was water just beside where the vehicle was parked—because, again, it’s really too high. So, without knowing, I stepped into a puddle, slid on the water, and then fell. I was literally lying on the ground, back of my pants and shirt and shoes muddied. Quite miraculously, my head was spared from the whole thing. Otherwise. . . . Or it could have been worst had there been a jeepney or a car or a truck or even just a “trisikad” following and running over my virgin body.

My body is aching. I took Medicol Advance (Ibuprofen Softgel Capsule) pain reliever in addition to my sleeping pill before going to bed yesterday. But when I woke up before going to work last night, my thighs, my butts, and my back felt so awful due to bruises in those parts, and I could have sprain too. Because I forgot to take Medicol Advance before logging in to work, I just had to smile the pain away. But even if I remembered taking it after my lunch break at one in the morning, I don’t feel any different now. My body is still feeling terrible.

Before they headed off to Malabuyoc at around noon, I treated my brother and my cousin to McDonald’s on Cebu South Road. I told my brother Ramil, “You have to give me a chance of a selfie or two now because of what happened to me earlier, don’t you?”

He said, “O.K., pero pag amping na intawon ka sa imong pag labang labang sa kalsada diri sa syudad, og ayaw na pag ala-Miss Universe kung manaug ka sa jeep. Ayaw na gud pag kiat. (O.K., but you have to be more careful now when you cross the streets here in the city, and please stop projecting like Miss Universe when you get off the jeepney. Behave.”

The puddle


This blogger, Ariel Allera, begged his brother Ramil for a selfie at McDonald’s in Mambaling two hours after the incident in Carbon.

By Ariel Allosada Allera
Beauty Spotted by Ariel Allera
Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines

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