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March 6, 2016
Lifted from my Facebook blog

I’ve never been nervous en route to a party. It’s not only because I’m unprepared with the retro-themed getup that every attendee is required to wear, but more because it’s going to be the first time I’ll be dancing onstage since I was in high school and I’ll be singing in public since I was onstage with my classmates singing our graduation song more than twenty-five years ago.

But it’s not really a stage on which I was dancing back then. It was a playground, if I may remember it correctly. And there were some thirty to forty dancers of us performing. So I felt safe in the midst of all, because I was one of the least noticed by the audience. And I was just one of probably more than two-hundred students rendering the song.

But tonight, there are going to be only eight of us, and I’m the only guy in the midst of equally talented and graceful girls. In every rehearsal we had until yesterday, I was always the one reprimanded for the most number of mistakes.

Now I ask myself, “What am I getting myself into? I’m never good enough dancer/singer material. Why did I raise my hand and kept raising my hand until I had to beg in front of our team to be included?”

But I’m soldiering on, and that is because I want to flesh out the feeling of being a Binibining Pilipinas candidate or a Miss Universe delegate shaking a leg during the pageant’s opening production number.