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March 7, 2016
Lifted from Facebook blog

I made the right decision keeping my old, albeit brittled, wigs. I’ve realized it now, especially upon looking at that big, bold hair atop my skinhead.

When it was disclosed to me that the theme of the party I was going to attend in three weeks was vintage, I dreaded at the thought of buying a new wig of that style. If you know me, you could say that I’m the queen of frugality.

So I racked my brain finding a way to come up with a retro-styled hair out of my limited resources. I opened my cabinet. Voila, I saw one of my older wigs!

But the problem was the color: it’s dark brown, and my main wig is black. So the challenge was how to pin them together and make them look like one and natural.

With the help of my aunt whom I asked to be my model for thirty minutes and my niece Savannah who was incredibly alert with her role as the “hairpin girl,” I made it.