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​My first of a series of one-on-one Q&A workshops with Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 candidate Jason Bruce Martin kicked off right after yesterday’s go-see for Men&Muses at Gaisano Country Mall. 

En route to the pageant night on July 31, 2016, in Manila, this gentleman currently residing in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, and representing the Filipino community of Gold Coast in Australia looked brimming with excitement every minute of our three-hour session which started at the food court in the basement, continued at the bridal lounge on the second floor, and ended at Pizza Hut on the ground floor where we were joined and treated by M&M’s and AD Models Philippines Homme et Femme’s executive director, Dexter Alazas. 

I couldn’t be more impressed by Jason in that he may still be twenty and turning twenty-one in September, but it seems to me that he has the wisdom of a man who has seen the world and lived his life to the fullest. 

But it is unfair to say that his eloquence can be chalked up to the fact that English is his first language, and his sense of urbanity can be ascribed to his birth, upbringing, and education in Australia. 

Boy, he doesn’t just talk—he speaks! Most importantly, his answer to every question I asked contained sense and depth, giving inspiration and enlightenment, for which I felt blessed to be at the receiving end. 

Jason Martin, Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 – Gold Coast Filipino Community, with his mentor, Ariel Allera 

Vote for Jason Martin as your Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 through the link below. Thank you. 
Thanks to Chelsea Mendoza for the photo.