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​Our second Q&A session yesterday was a string of hops and jumps from my office building at one-thirty in the afternoon, to a posh restaurant inside the handsome Henry Hotel, to our friend Dexter Alazas’s blue-ribbon shop on the hotel’s ground floor, to the Fuente Osmena vicinities, and then back to where we started, the JPMorgan Chase & Company’s ground floor at seven in the evening. 

“I’m supposed to go straight to the Cebu SouthBus terminal right after I log off from work every Tuesday. But I’m staying now because I’m seriously passionate about my responsibility as your mentor for the fast-approaching Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 pageant in Manila,” I told Jason Bruce Martin, who’s representing the Filipino community of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

“I appreciate that. Thank you. I will do my best to bring home one of the titles. So far, the experience as one of the Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 official candidates is incomparably enriching. And I’m very honored to be part of this first-class male pageant,” Men&Muses’s gentleman Jason said. 

As mentor, I think it imperative to also train my protege to respond to all sorts of questions in front of various listeners in different circumstances under the sun. That is because I believe that the podium is not the only hot spot where he will be asked and expected to give it his best fight. “The moment you arrive at the airport, let alone in your official residence, the competition begins. All’s eyes and ears are open,” I shared.

The Men&Muses beauty camp executive director Dexter Alazas believes that, sometimes or even more often, it works wonders when we distract or make our trainees feel unlistened to in between Q&A session because it helps them prepare for the worst case scenarios during the real Q&A competition. 

Jason Martin with his mentor Ariel Allera at JPMorgan Chase & Company building

Jason Martin lunching with his mentor, Ariel Allera, at Henry Hotel courtesy of Dexter Alazas 

Mentor Ariel Allera taking a break from Q&A session with Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 candidate Jason Martin 

Ariel Allera mentoring Jason Martin for Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 at Dexter Alazas’s Alazas Atelier 

Jason Martin and Ariel Allera during Q&A session for Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 at Dexter Alazas’s Alazas Atelier

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