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​Again, congratulations to Jason Bruce Martin on another special award which he won during last night’s Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 prepageant event. 

My thumb is literally jumping now as I grope for the exact words to describe how proud I am of, and happy I am for, my mentee to be awarded as Mister Online Ticket Express 2016. 

I’m sure our Men&Muses pageant camp head and AD Models Homme et Femme’s executive director Dexter Alazas must also be in high spirits now, for the Cebuano Aussie Jason who’s representing the Filipino Community of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

As for winning the award, Jason texted me, saying: “It’s humbling, but it has set bigger challenges for me—not just to exceed the satisfaction and expectation of my sponsors, but bring myself to the next level, be more appealing, and create new opportunities!”

Vote Jason Martin for the “Most Popular Gentleman of the Philippines 2016.” Click the link below to do so. And kindly “like” his Facebook page, too: Jason Martin. Thank you. 


Photo courtesy of Norman Tinio