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​Here’s another story of how down-to-earth Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez is and how God knows what to do to satiate the desires of your heart.

Let me begin by saying that I arrived at the Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu two hours before she was to start singing. To say that I was antsy for my idol to come out onstage was oversimplification. I leaned on the barricade outside the dressing room hoping to have a glimpse of her shadow. 

I whispered, “Lord, you know how much I long to get inside, grab a chair closer to the stage, and then take a selfie with Regine after the show. But I want you to know that I’m fine, I’m happy, and I’m contented just staying outside and being able to watch her from here. With such intensity, volume, and power of her voice, even the shoppers at the left wing and the right wing of the mall will be blown away. So, God, please don’t worry about me. I’m really good.” 

I left, and as I was edging around the barricade until I reached the main entrance to the concert, I saw my friend Bueno Gracianne from my print media days together with his companions. Knowing how much I love Regine, he contacted our common friend and former colleague Emma S. Villarente who was inside seated along the third row from the front. I told him that he didn’t have to, because I already felt more than blessed to just be standing outside with them. But he had already sent the message and, voila, Emma was coming towards the gate to pick me and all of us from there. To Emma and Bueno, what a sweet gesture you showed me. Thank you. 

As usual and as expected, I did not find Regine’s first four numbers breathtaking. But I wasn’t the least bit disappointed, nor was I surprised by her raspy voice, because I was already familiar with the flow, having watched her concerts countless times already. So I knew that the momentum was still building up. Some thirty minutes into the show—wow, oh wow!—I could not stop, and so couldn’t everyone, being filled with awe and what have you. To describe my experience by telling you just that is an underestimation. So let me just quantify it this way: If God asked me what on earth I wished I had been born with and would grant me that, even only for a day, I would say Regine Velasquez’s voice in a heartbeat, period. 

Yes, oh yes, I had said to myself that I’d be fine going home without a selfie with my idol. But, right after the concert, I took a chance outside her dressing room in which she was busy chatting with her fellow “Ang Bagong Kampeon” alumna, Donna Cruz-Larrazabal. 

Done, Donna left, and Regine was ushered out by her bodyguards who did not really shove me but just said “Leave!” to me when I called: “Hi, Regine!” 

Just like what she did to me after her concert at the Ayala Center Cebu two years ago, Regine told the men in uniform: “That’s all right. I’d like a selfie with him. Let him in.” 

You see, it’s not just her talent, her voice, her charisma, or whatever you can add to all of the above that makes our idol the country’s best singer, best-selling recording artist of all time, most adored icon, and most emulated idol by aspiring singers. Regine Velasquez is a gracious person. She knows how to reach out to ordinary citizens and to give back to the people whom she’s grateful to for the love. 

Thank you, Regine, for being humble. Thanks to PLDT Home for bringing our idol closer to us. 

This blogger with Regine Velasquez during Regine Series concert courtesy of PLDT Home at SM City Cebu – Northwing Atrium